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Make Your Own Bowl


Artful combination of delicate grains, hearty proteins, dairy-free sauces, and two fresh vegetables, accented with house made condiments.

(Select 1) Pick Your Grain:Basmati Pilau Lemon Quinoa Herbed Cauliflower Couscous Brown Rice Fresh Green with House Vinaigrette
(Select 1) Pick Your Protein:Chicken Tikka Herbed Paneer & Green Peas Chickpea Masala Punjabi Braised Lamb +$2Goan Shrimp with Old Bay Tarka +$2
(Optional) Additional Proteins:Chicken Tikka +$2.95Herbed Paneer & Green Peas +$2.95Chickpea Masala +$2.95Punjabi Braised Lamb +$4.95Goan Shrimp with Old Bay Tarka +$4.95
(Select 1) Pick Sauce:Spinach Saag (mild) Tomato-Fenugreek (mild) Coconut Korma (medium) Kashmiri Gravy (medium) Spicy Vindaloo (hot!)
(Select 1) Pick Your Vegetables:Bombay Potatoes Szechuan Eggplant Roasted Cauliflower Charred Peppers & Onions Crispy Green Beans Masala-Smashed 'Shrooms Braised Greens with Garlic, Ginger & Red Chile
(Optional) Additional Vegetables:Bombay Potatoes +$1.50Szechuan Eggplant +$1.50Roasted Cauliflower +$1.50Charred Peppers & Onions +$1.50Crispy Green Beans +$1.50Masala-Smashed 'Shrooms +$1.50Braised Greens with Garlic, Ginger & Red Chile +$1.50
(Pick Any) Add Chutneys & Garnishes:Mint Chutney Tamarind-Date Chutney Red Chile Chutney Whole Yogurt Coconut Yogurt Cucumber Kachumber Mango Kachumber Pickled Beetroot & Carrot Fresh Cilantro